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Today’s new generation tells you about Facebook chat with your friends and relatives. The craze of Facebook is so much that when people go out of the house, they click their pictures there and share those pictures with their friends and relatives on Facebook. Facebook also sends an important message that they can chat with. Who were his childhood friends? There is a platform through which you can share anything with your friends, any information can be delivered to your friends, whether it is an important message. You can read many Facebook status related to Facebook, which you can share with your friends and relatives.

Facebook Status In English :

Nowadays every girl and boy are always online on Facebook. More and more people like to talk in English because they consider English as easier than Hindi. Those likes to send messages and status in English itself. So, below are some of the nice status for facebook and good status for fb in English font for friends which you should share the great fb status with others as well.

  1. No girl is completely dressed without a smile.

  2. Success is just the perfect revenge you can have on your enemies.

  3. There is a difference between life being simple and easy.

  4. Happiness is the state of the mind and not the absence of problems.

  5. So people are so poor that the only thing that they can offer is money.

  6. Only when you distance yourself from negative things, will beautiful things happen to you.

  7. My one hand is strong enough to fight against the world if only you hold the other one.

  8. Don’t tie your happiness to people or things if you want to remain happy. Just tie it to a goal.

  9. Happiness is like a Butterfly. The harder you run after it, the farther it flies away. But if you stand still, It comes and sits on your shoulders.

  10. The comfort of sleeping on your chest is way better than lying on a hundred pillows.

  11. It’s always important before you “Assume” ensure you try this crazy method called “asking”.

  12. Knowing that you’re loved by someone you love is the best feeling you could ever have.

  13. I’ve been able to see the best and the worst of you, yet I choose both…

  14. One of the characteristics of successful people is that they keep moving on, even though they make series mistakes.

  15. Life is short, break the rules.

  16. Don’t just go through life, grow through life.

  17. Life will never be perfect no matter how hard we try

  18. Life doesn’t just get better by chance, it’s by CHANGE.fb status

  19. Life may not be easy, but it’s worth living only if you try.

  20. Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it.

  21. Love is the greatest of all in life. If you miss it, you miss everything in life.

  22. No matter throws at you, just look it in the eyes, smile and move on.

  23. I’ve never found anything as beautiful as a smile that has struggled through tears.

  24. Life is too short. Stop wasting your time trying to make everybody happy.

  25. Life will always provide you with the people you want though it takes away the people you need the most sometimes.

  26. Going through life is like driving a car. It may be fine once in awhile if you look back but going forward makes life goes on.

  27. Life is like a bicycle, to maintain balance, you’ve got to keep riding.

  28. Love yourself first because that’s the only person you’ll be spending every second of your life with.

  29. Life is a book. But unfortunately, you can only write on it with a pen making it impossible to go back and erase your mistakes.

  30. It doesn’t matter how hard you get hit in Life. It’s about how much you can keep moving forward after being hit.

  31. The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life.

  32. Life can be likened to a bar of soap, just when you think you’ve got a hold on it, it slips away.

  33. Quality is more important than beauty.

  34. A room without books can be likened t0 a body without a soul.

  35. Behind any successful man is a surprised woman.

  36. Failure is a must because in it is attached windows of opportunities.fb status

  37. It’s a shame on you if you fool me once, and I’ll break your face if you fool me twice.

  38. The reason I’m single is that God is still writing the best love story for me.

  39. It’s just “AWESO” Without “ME”.

  40. Life is not measured in milestones but in moments.

  41. Worrying only takes away today’s peace and not tomorrows troubles.

  42. Life is all about having confidence in yourself and trusting fully on God.

  43. Live the life you love, and Love the life you live.

  44. Every time I see you, I can’t help but fall in love all over again.

  45. The first thing that comes into my mind when I saw the word “love” is you.

  46. All the most beautiful things that life has offered can’t be touched but only felt with the heart.

  47. One character of the successful people is that they keep moving on, even with all the mistakes they’ve done.

  48. Every single thing that has transpired although your life is getting you prepared for a moment that’s yet to come.

  49. Everyone seems to be normal until you add them as your friend on Facebook.

  50. Staring at the mirror?… You’re so lucky mirrors can’t laugh out loud.

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